Roadmap to Success: Hustle

On April 15, 2016, I had the pleasure of delivering the keynote address at Penn State’s 2016 Powerful Women Paving the Way Conference. This annual event, which is attended by hundreds of students and local business professionals, is designed to elevate women in their careers and drive their personal and professional success.

My presentation focused on what I believe are the three keys to success: Know Thyself, Hustle and Ask. I shared stories from my work in the Entertainment and Media world – as a national correspondent for Inside Edition and covering CBS Thursday Night Football. I also understand the challenges of trying to do it all. As a wife and Mother of two, I offered my thoughts on how to be a young, working Mother in today’s world.

From behind-the-scenes stories of the interviews I’ve conducted with famous athletes, media moguls, and entertainers, to practical tips I’ve gleaned from top business people, I discussed how to compete and succeed with the best and the brightest. My goal was to empower these women to dream big. We ended the session with a lively Q and A. These ladies are smart and determined, and asked very thoughtful and in-depth questions about how to plot their own career paths.

There were so many great questions that the Q&A could have gone on for another hour or more! After my presentation, I had the opportunity to talk 1-on-1 with many of the attendees. I was grateful to hear that they were inspired and motivated by my speech.

I was as energized as the attendees by the time the event was over. This was an amazing opportunity to share the lessons of my personal and professional journey with other women and encourage them to never stop hustling!

Megan keynote